6 Steps: Getting Ready for CCPA

6 Steps: Getting Ready for CCPA

Within the past few years, there has been growing concern about the need to manage and protect an individual's personal data. While dozens of countries have enacted some sort of laws intended to protect individuals' personal data, as of yet there are no United States federal laws on the books. That being said, states such as California are enacting legislation for data protection, and the California Consumer Protection Act of 2018 (CCPA), which goes into effect on January 1, 2020, is one of the first, but certainly not the last. These compliance challenges demand that your organisation institute a strategy for managing and governing compliance with data privacy protection laws. 

Download this e-book to understand why one key part of this strategy is having the right tools set - you will need to have a practical tool set that includes smart discovery, AI-driven data catalog, and good data governance practices to provide reliable, audible, and scalable compliance with privacy protection regulations. This will help your organisation prepare for the coming deluge of privacy regulations as other countries and US states fall into line. 

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